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Selection Process, Benefits For Nonprofit Partner, Guidelines for Nominations, Suggestions For Nominations

Selection Process
Nominations for the Barber Law Firm Century Fund's nonprofit partner are made annually through an online nomination process. Nominations will be accepted from June 15 to August 15, 2018. Qualified nominees will be considered by the Barber Law Firm Century Fund Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Members of the Barber Law Firm. The firm's Members will select the grant recipient in early September. The recipient nonprofit organization will be announced in mid- to late-September.

In addition to a $5,000 contribution to the selected nonprofit organization, the Barber Law Firm Century Fund will seek to create awareness of the nonprofit and its mission with a public announcement event seeking media coverage, by placing information and a link to the nonprofit's Web site at, and by spreading the news of the partnership to our clients via the firm's annual holiday card mailing.

Guidelines For Nonprofit Partner Nominations
With so many outstanding nonprofit organizations making an impact in the state, the Barber Law Firm has established the following guidelines and suggestions to help evaluate the nominations received and ultimately to select one designated nonprofit partner each year.

  • Must be a qualifying 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization
  • Must be based in Arkansas or make a significant contribution or impact in Arkansas
  • Must contribute to a social, educational, medical, cultural, or philanthropic mission that enhances the overall quality of life in Arkansas
  • Must complete and submit nomination form through the online nomination process by deadline of August 15, 2018.

Suggestions For Nonprofit Partner Nominations/Consideration

  • Provide detailed examples of how the nominated organization impacts the lives of those it serves and how the service or mission benefits society as a whole
  • Provide information about how the nominated organization plans to use the contribution from the Barber Law Firm Century Fund and the difference this contribution will make or benefits it will deliver
  • Consider and outline options for possible projects or events that the Barber Law Firm could participate in to help create awareness for the Century Fund as well as the nominated organization and its mission
  • Discrete, unique projects/programs with greatest impact are favored

Click here to submit a nomination for the Barber Law Firm Century Fund nonprofit partner for 2018.