Full Servic Represenation. Now Even Stronger

Focused on the Future

The Barber Law Firm was founded by A.L. Barber in 1910.  Over the past century, we have been privileged to serve as counsel and litigators to individuals and many of the largest and most successful companies in Arkansas and around the world. Our insight gained through decades of trial experience has enabled us to grow our practice, deepen our knowledge base and solidify our capacity to provide full-service representation.

While we are proud of our past, our focus is on the future. Our goal is to provide our clients — from the guy next door or the small start-up company, to the multinational conglomerate — personal service of the highest quality. Our approach is based upon common sense, trust and integrity.  We want to achieve the best results for our clients. For more information on how the Barber Law Firm can assist you, please contact us today.