Class Action / MDL Litigation

Practice Group

The firm has been involved in approximately 30 class action and multi-district cases during the past 10 years. Such complex cases include: diet drug litigation, hormone replacement drug litigation, latex glove litigation, tobacco litigation, asbestos litigation, genetically modified rice litigation and class action claims made directly against various insurance providers.

The firm’s class action and MDL litigation attorneys offer the experience and resources needed to guide your company through the most challenging litigation scenarios. Firm attorneys have successfully opposed aggregate litigation in state and federal courts, both in Arkansas and in courts throughout the U.S.

Successful management of complex litigation also requires the ability to prepare complex cases for trial, even when denial of class certification or settlement is the primary goal. Our attorneys are skilled at identifying, gathering, processing, and streamlining the colossal amount of documents generated in complex cases. Another characteristic of the firm’s complex litigation practice is its ability to identify, develop, and produce the type of medical and scientific expert witnesses demanded in complex cases.